Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stirring Up Memories as Well as Dust

Searching through old photo albums and boxes and boxes of newspaper clippings, negatives, and loose pictures sure stirs up many memories.  Imagine coming across that snapshot of you holding your first grandchild and next to it a picture of your grandmother holding your mother as an infant.  There's the pictures of loved ones long parted and that stack of pictures of a family event which was the last get-together for a recent lost loved one.

I recommend that everyone do this at least once every year or two.  Check those photos to see if the persons photographed have been identified.  If not, be sure to mark them if you know who is in the picture and when it was taken.  If you don't know about the photo, find a relative who might know.  Don't wait until all those who might know are gone.

 My brother Adrian, holding my granddaughter (lost him in 1999).

My parents, Cecil and Rachel (Crawford) Logue.  Dad died in 1983, after their 50th wedding anniversary, and Mom died in 1993.  (Shown with their grandson, Jacob)

 My sister, Christina, enjoying a family get-together in August 2010.  We lost her in October.  She was my answerer of questions about who, what, where and when.  If I found someone in the death notices that could be a relative, I would pick up the phone and call Christine.  It may have taken her a few minutes, but she generally could recall names and stories about many of our relatives.  I miss her so much and daily wish I had spent more time with her while she was alive.

So find your 'answerers' and appreciate every moment you have with them.

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