Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the Crawford family reunion and I am looking forward to visiting with cousins I haven't seen for years and those I have never met.  We are realistically acknowledging that we won't get a lot of genealogy done in just one afternoon, so some of us are meeting on Sunday to share information.

We have people traveling from North Idaho, Portland, and Jerome.  This is better than we expected - we had figured on just a few locals to show up and help make plans for a larger reunion next year (probably a weekend in Cascade, Idaho at the state park there by the lake).  But it looks like we may have around 50 people there (only a small 'drop in the bucket' compared to the how many descendants Elisha and Christina Crawford have). 

I've been following a lot of genealogy blogs lately and have gotten more ideas for my blog.  Many involve adding interesting items about one or two individuals in your database each week.  With over 5000 individuals in my Family Tree Maker, that could last a lifetime.


I look forward to sharing the outcome of our event in the coming days.  I hope I have lots to share.

Emmett, Idaho looking across at the butte.

My database is private, but I am willing to share with anyone who emails me with a valid request for information about any of my branches  (Crawford, Tuttle, Dexter, Logue, Washburn, Bennett, Scott, Earle, Wingate).  Comment on this post if you would like to share any info.

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