Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preparing for the Reunion

As I prepare to meet and share with family from near and far, I am going through my photos, newspaper articles, and obituaries/funeral notes.  I've come across my that I have already scanned and identified, but there are many that I have no clue who they are and why I have them in my collections.  I find paternal (Logues) mixed with the maternal (Crawfords).  Take the picture below.  It was in my mother's stuff and I think she said it was a picture of her mother.  I don't know.  It was terribly damaged but I managed to repair it a little.  Any of you family members out there know for sure if this is Christina Ellen Tuttle Crawford?

My mother, Rachel Crawford Logue, was born at home and never had a birth certificate.  When she approached Social Security time, she realized that she needed to have documentation of her birth.  Thus began a long adventure of trying to find records that would satisfy the government for proof of her birth.  Following is a picture of her sister, Mary Coulter's family Bible that she used as one form of proof.

Though she had 10 children, they would only take one of their birth certificates as proof of her birth.  And since the US Census is not made public for 75 years, she could not use the 1920 US Census, where she is listed with her parents as 6 years old (she was born in December of 1913 and the census was earlier in the year, 1920, so she would have been 6 instead of 7).  And she never graduated from school - in fact I'm not sure she made it passed the 5th grade because her mother did not like schools.

Here's another picture I'm not sure who it is - nice looking gentleman though.  Looks like a photo taken of a picture hanging on someone's wall.  Any idea who it might be?

I have lots of snapshots of various cousins, many that my mother and sister identified for me, but some that I have no idea who they might be.  I hope to take them with me and see if anyone can help name them. 


Here's pictures of my uncle Ernest (Buster) and his wife, Mildred, but I'm not sure who the child is - since there is only one, it is possibly their oldest, Alonzo, who was born in December 1929.

This is another gathering of the Crawford bunch - 1943 after my grandfather, Elisha Jordan Crawford's funeral.

And this is Grandma with her seven (7) girls that same day:

And with her five (5) boys:

Another picture of the sisters together, probably after their mother passed in 1954:

And finally, Grandma with some of her children- any ideas which? Could be the youngest eight - Cash, baby Rachel, Dora, and Buster at back, Mary, Walter, Alice and ? in front.  Or the oldest 8, or there could be grandchildren mixed in (Mom had nieces and nephews older than she, since there is 24 years between she and her oldest sister). 

Well, have a wedding to go to, so will close this for now and add more at a later date.  Good hunting.

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