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What Do You Think? Could There Be More??? WM BREWSTER

So far I've shown connections to Francis Cooke, James Chilton and Richard Warren.  Could there possibly be more?  I believe that there is - - -  Let's see if we can connect to William Brewster.

For this we have to go back to....

Nathaniel Dexter, born 17 May 1771 (see Monday, May 17, 2010 posting) was the son of Constant and Keziah Wing Dexter. Keziah was born 1 Jan 1747 to Nathaniel and Mercy Handy Wing.  The Wings have been heavily researched and even have an organization - The Wing Family of America (website) - with a publication (the OWL)

Was incorporated as a non-profit association in 1902 having as its purpose: - the collection and publication of family history - cementing of family ties and cultivation of fraternal relations among members - holding family reunions and gatherings - and creation of a Family Memorial Hall for historic and literary archives.

Mercy was born 15 Apr 1729 to Zaccheus and Mercy Freeman Handy.  In a will dated May 25, 1783 - Zaccheus is referred to as a resident of Sandwich, Mass. Sandwich is located in Barnstable County, Cape Cod area [where most of these people were born and raised].
"A deed dated Aug. 27, 1747 shows he (Zaccheus), a Sandwich carpenter, bought from John Freeman of Rochester, a yeoman, several tracts of land there for 700 pounds. The property included Freeman's dwelling house and homestead, where he now lives. Also a gristmill with dam and stream called Seppican Mill River. Also a parcel of land known as William Noyes Homestead, about 85 acres and 30 acres of meadow ground. It was his first wifes fathers property, conveyed by deed Jan. 29, 1747-1748. He sold part of this land to Charles Waste of Rochester May 18, 1750. Will dated 5-24, 1783."

RICHARD HANDY OF SANDWICH, MASS. (ca. 1645-1719) by Lydia B. (Phinney) Brownson of Plymouth, Mass., and Maclean W. McLean, of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1971, NEHGR Vol 125 pg 246-247:
     Zaccheus Handy, born 16 Jan. 1706, died in Rochester, shortly before 2 Oct. 1787.
He married first, 16 Jan 1728/9, Mercy Freeman (Rochester VR's) daughter of John Freeman by his wife Mercy Watson...Her line is traced back to Elder William Brewster, of the Mayflower. Zaccheus Handy married, secondly, 5 Sept. 1745, Susannah Freeman, daughter of Prince Freeman by his wife Mary Doane, born May 173. Her descendants have a proven line back to Elder William Brewster. The two wives were second cousins. Zaccheus is listed as a Sandwich householder in the Rev. Benj. Fessenden's list of March 1729/30. Although both marriages are recorded at Rochester and not in Sandwich, Zacceus continued to live in his native town until late in 1747. A deed, dated 27 Aug. 1747, shows that Zacheus Handy "of Sandwich, carpenter" fought from "John Freeman of Rochester, yeoman", several tracts of land there for 700p. The property included Freeman's "dwelling house and homestead where I now live with the barn and orchard fencing". Also a grist mill, with a dam and stream called Seppican Mill River, with two thirds of the running gears, also that parcel of land knows as William Noye's homestead, about 85 acres and 30 acres of meadow ground (acknowledged 28 Aug., recorded 2 9 Aug., 1747 PLCD, 39:84).

More About Zaccheus Handy:
Issue: 7 children (by Mercy) 9 ch. (by Susannah)
Misc: September 5, 1745, m. (2) Susannah Freeman, 2nd cousin to 1st w.
Misc.: died shortly before 2 Oct. 1787
Occupation: yeoman, carpenter
Residence: 1747, rem. to Rochester, Massachusetts
Source 1: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:131, 246-247
Will: May 4, 1783, dated, 10-2-1787-proved

More About Mercy Freeman:
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246
Child of Zaccheus Handy and Mercy Freeman is:

    i.   Mercy Handy, born April 15, 1729 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; died 1754 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; married Nathanael Wing June 20, 1746 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

  OLD FORT HOUSE, in Sandwich, Massachusetts, the ancestral home of Stephen Wing. This home is one of the oldest houses in New England and the oldest which continuously has remained in the possession of members of the same family through successive generations. The house has been restored and is currently used as a
historical Memorial Museum. The Fort House was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1976 and is open from Mid-June to mid-September for visitors. 

The Freemans are covered in "New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter"  (pg 853-55) which is one of Google books.

Mercy Freeman was born 24 Apr 1707 to John (3) and Mercy Watson Freeman(from  1326. John Freeman, born July 1678 in Eastham or Harwich, Massachusetts; died December 13, 1767 in prob Rochester, Massachusetts. He was the son of 2652. John Freeman and 2653. Sarah Merrick. He married 1327. Mercy Watson January 11, 1702/03.

      1327. Mercy Watson, born October 1683 in Plymouth, Massachusetts?; died November 25, 1768 in Rochester, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 2654. Capt. Elkanah Watson and 2655. Mercy Hedge.

Notes for John Freeman:
From The Freemans-The Eastham Branch of the Sandwich Family---Major John Freeman, 1866, NEHGR Vol. 20, pg 60:
19. John Freeman, son of John, of Harwich, m. Mercy------, about 1701. By his wife Mercy had: (56) Elkanah, b. Oct . 28, 1702, died July 14, 1714. (57) Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1704. (58) Mercy, b . April 24, 1707. (59) John, b. Aug. 3, 1709. (60) Phebe, b. Nov. 28, 1711. (61) Thankful, b. Oct. 6, 1714. (62) Elkanah, b. Feb. 6, 1717; (63) Mary, b. Oct. 13, 1719. (64) Eli, b. April 27, 1722. (65) Elisha, b. May 24, 1724.

More About John Freeman:
Issue: 10 children
Residence: 1729, rem. to Rochester, Massachusetts
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1852, 1st Fam. Eastham, NEHGR 6:45
Source 3: Brewster MFIP, 2nd Ed, 1996, pg87
Source 4: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246

More About Mercy Watson:
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246
Child of John Freeman and Mercy Watson is:

  663 i.   Mercy Freeman, born April 24, 1707 in Eastham or Harwich, Massachusetts; died February 24, 1744/45 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; married Zaccheus Handy January 16, 1728/29 in Rochester, Massachusetts.

John was born July 1678 to John (2) and Sarah Merrick Freeman.  John was born 2 Dec 1651 to John and Mercy Prence Freeman.  Mercy was born 1 Apr 1631 to Thomas and Patience Brewster Prence.  Patience was born in 1600 to William and Mary (Wentworth?) Brewster.  (See link)

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Another Mayflower Line - Richard Warren

On Monday May 17, 2010, I posted the blog of Nathaniel Dexter (carpenter, Winthrop, ME),  my paternal 3rd great grandfather.  He is the son of Isaac and Keziah WING Dexter.  Isaac was my first choice for a Revolutionary War Patriot, but DAR denied my application through him because he was listed as a deserter.  Hence, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution through Isaac's daughter-in-law's father, Japheth Washburn (blog posting of June 17, 2010). 

Isaac Dexter, born in Sandwich, Mass., 13 Jan. 1746, settled in New Sandwich (now Wayne) Maine in 1779. His wife, Keziah (Wing) b. 31 Dec 1746, and five children came with him. He lived on lot No. 148. The pond which bears his name extends completely across the lot, nearly one half being in Winthrop, and the remainder a large part is water. The land on the west side is best adapted for tillage and here, in what is now Wayne, he set up his domicile. He was a Baptist and the early religious meetings were held in his barn. The Baptist church of Wayne was organized in his house, 9 Jan, 1794, and he was chosen one of its deacons.

History Of Wayne, Maine, 1898, pg 15: Isaac Dextor, born in Sandwich Mass., Jan 13, 1746, came to the plantation called New Sandwich, now Wayne in 1780, with his sons, Stephen, Nathaniel, Freeman and Constant. His other sons, Gideon, Isaac Jr., and Amasa, were born in New Sandwich. Isaac settled on the west side of the pond that bears his name on the road to North Monmouth. It is claimed that he built the first framed house in the town. In this house the Baptist Church of Wayne was organized, and Isaac Dexter was chosen its first deacon. In 1801 he was chairman of the board of selectmen; in 1802 he was collector of taxes. He died in 1804.

Isaac's parents are Constant and Meribah Delano Dexter.  From my Family Tree Maker:  Constant Dexter married Meribah Delano, daughter of Nathan Delano and Elizabeth Miller, 4 Aug 1731 Int. Constant Dexter was born on 27 November 1706 at Rochester MA. He was the son of Benjamin Dexter and Sarah Arnold. Constant Dexter died in 1756 at Crown Point Expedition.

Children of Constant Dexter and Meribah Delano:
Betty Dexter b. 19 Mar 1733
Meribah Dexter b. 16 Jan 1735/36
Drusilla Dexter b. 12 Mar 1737
Sarah Dexter b. 28 Jun 1739
Nathan Dexter+ b. 8 Feb 1741
Isaac Dexter b. 16 Jun 1744, d. 15 Dec 1804
Thomas Dexter b. 7 Mar 1745
Stephen Dexter b. 3 Jan 1747
Gideon Dexter b. 29 Jun 1750

More from my Family Tree Maker: 

1.Meribah DILLOWAY OR DELANO OR DILLENOY OR DELANOY was born 18 Sep 1709 in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 2. Nathan DELANO and 3. Elizabeth MILLER. She married Constant DEXTER 1731 in Massachusetts, son of Benjamin DEXTER and Sarah ARNOLD. He was born 27 Nov 1706 in Rochester, Massachusetts, and died 1756.    
Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

2.Nathan DELANO was born 29 Oct 1688 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, and died Bef 1729 in Lost At Sea. He was the son of 4. Jonathan DELANO and 5. Mercy WARREN.

3.Elizabeth MILLER was born 18 Feb 1688 in Middleborough, Essex County, , Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 6. John MILLER and 7. Mercy Or Margaret WINSLOW.  

Child of Elizabeth MILLER and Nathan DELANO is: 1.  i.Meribah DILLOWAY OR DELANO OR DILLENOY OR DELANOY was born 18 Sep 1709 in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She married Constant DEXTER 1731 in Massachusetts, son of Benjamin DEXTER and Sarah ARNOLD. He was born 27 Nov 1706 in Rochester, Massachusetts, and died 1756.
Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

4.Jonathan DELANO was born 1647 in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died 28 Dec 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was the son of 8. Philip DELANO and 9. Hester DEWSBERY.  ( Lt. Johnathan Delano was born circa 1647 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was the son of Phillip Delano and Hester Dewsbery. Lt. Johnathan Delano married Mercy Warren, daughter of Nathaniel Warren and Sarah Walker, on 26 February 1677/78 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Lt. Johnathan Delano left a will on 17 December 1720 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

In his will he names wife Mercy; sons Jonathan, Jabez, Nathaniel, Jethro, and Thomas; daughters Esther Deleno, Mercy Hatch; granddaughters Maribah Delano and Susanna Nye.

He wrote a codicil on 22 December 1720. He died on 28 December 1720. The Inventory of Lt. Johnathan Delano was taken on 30 January 1720/21. His estate was proved on 6 March 1720/21. )

5.Mercy WARREN was born 20 Feb 1657 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died Aft 6 Nov 1727. She was the daughter of 10. Nathaniel WARREN and 11. Sarah WALKER.  

Child of Mercy WARREN and Jonathan DELANO is: 2.  i.Nathan DELANO was born 29 Oct 1688 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, and died Bef 1729 in Lost At Sea. He married Elizabeth MILLER 7 Jul 1709, daughter of John MILLER and Mercy Or Margaret WINSLOW. She was born 18 Feb 1688 in Middleborough, Essex County, , Massachusetts.

6.John MILLER died Bef 24 May 1720 in Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

7.Mercy Or Margaret WINSLOW.   

Child of Mercy Or Margaret WINSLOW and John MILLER is: 3.  i.Elizabeth MILLER was born 18 Feb 1688 in Middleborough, Essex County, , Massachusetts. She married Nathan DELANO 7 Jul 1709, son of Jonathan DELANO and Mercy WARREN. He was born 29 Oct 1688 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, and died Bef 1729 in Lost At Sea.
Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

8.Philip DELANO died Bef 22 Aug 1681. He was the son of 16. Jean DE LAUNEY and 17. Marie LE MAHIEU.

9.Hester DEWSBERY.   

Child of Hester DEWSBERY and Philip DELANO is: 4.  i.Jonathan DELANO was born 1647 in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died 28 Dec 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He married Mercy WARREN 28 Feb 1677/1678, daughter of Nathaniel WARREN and Sarah WALKER. She was born 20 Feb 1657 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died Aft 6 Nov 1727.

10.Nathaniel WARREN was born 1624/1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died 1667 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was the son of 20. Richard WARREN and 21. Elizabeth WALKER.

11.Sarah WALKER died 24 Nov 1700 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.   

Child of Sarah WALKER and Nathaniel WARREN is: 5.  i.Mercy WARREN was born 20 Feb 1657 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died Aft 6 Nov 1727. She married Jonathan DELANO 28 Feb 1677/1678, son of Philip DELANO and Hester DEWSBERY. He was born 1647 in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died 28 Dec 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
Ahnentafel, Generation No. 5

16.Jean DE LAUNEY.

17.Marie LE MAHIEU.   

Child of Marie LE MAHIEU and Jean DE LAUNEY is: 8.  i.Philip DELANO died Bef 22 Aug 1681. He married Hester DEWSBERY 19 Dec 1634.

20.Richard WARREN was born Abt 1580 in England, and died 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was the son of 40. Christopher WARREN and 41. Alice WEBB.

21.Elizabeth WALKER died 2 Oct 1673/1675 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 42. Augustine WALKER.  

Children of Elizabeth WALKER and Richard WARREN are:    i.Ann WARREN was born say 1613, and died Aft 19 Feb 1675/1676. She married Thomas LITTLE 19 Apr 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co Massachusetts. He was born Abt 1608.    ii.Sarah WARREN was born say 1614. She married John COOKE JR 28 Mar 1634 in Plymouth, MA, son of Francis COOKE and Hester MAHIEU.    iii.Elizabeth WARREN was born say 1615, and died 9 Mar 1669/1670 in Hingham, MA. She married Richard CHURCH by 1635/6. He was born Abt 1608, and died 26 Dec 1668 in Dedham, Massachusetts.    iv.Abigail WARREN was born say 1619 in England, and died Aft 3 Jan 1692/1693. She married Anthony SNOW 8 or 9 Nov 1639 in Plymouth, MA. He died Aug 1692 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. 10.  v.Nathaniel WARREN was born 1624/1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and died 1667 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He married Sarah WALKER 19 Nov 1645 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. She died 24 Nov 1700 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.    vi.Joseph WARREN was born by 1627 in Plymouth, MA. He married Priscilla FAUNCE Abt 1653, daughter of John FAUNCE and Patience MORTON. She was born Abt 1633, and died 15 May 1707 in Plymouth, MA.    vii.Mary WARREN was born 1610 or 1611, and died 27 Mar 1683.


Biographical Information

Richard Warren's English origins and ancestry have been the subject of much speculation, and countless different ancestries have been published for him, without a shred of evidence to support them.  Luckily in December 2002, Edward Davies discovered the missing piece of the puzzle.  Researchers had long known of the marriage of Richard Warren to Elizabeth Walker on 14 April 1610 at Great Amwell, Hertford.  Since we know the Mayflower passenger had a wife named Elizabeth, and a first child born about 1610, this was a promising record.  But no children were found for this couple in the parish registers, and no further evidence beyond the names and timing, until the will of Augustine Walker was discovered.  In the will of Augustine Walker, dated April 1613, he mentions "my daughter Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard Warren", and "her three children Mary, Ann and Sarah."  We know that the Mayflower passenger's first three children were named Mary, Ann, and Sarah (in that birth order).
Very little is known about Richard Warren's life in America.  He came alone on the Mayflower in 1620, leaving behind his wife and five daughters.  They came to him on the ship Anne in 1623, and Richard and Elizabeth subsequently had sons Nathaniel and Joseph at Plymouth.  He received his acres in the Division of Land in 1623, and his family shared in the 1627 Division of Cattle.  But he died a year later in 1628, the only record of his death being found in Nathaniel Morton's 1669 book New England's Memorial, in which he writes: "This year [1628] died Mr. Richard Warren, who was an useful instrument and during his life bare a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of the first settlement of the Plantation of New Plymouth."
All of Richard Warren's children survived to adulthood, married, and had large families: making Richard Warren one of the most common Mayflower passengers to be descended from.  Richard Warren's descendants include such notables as Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Alan B. Shepard, Jr. the first American in space and the fifth person to walk on the moon.
Edward J. Davies has found evidence for Augustine Walker, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, as the father of Elizabeth, who married Richard Warren on 14 April 1610, in that same location. (The American Genealogist, April 2003, v. 78, no. 2, p. 81-86)
An article by Edward J. Davies in the April 2003 issue of The American Genealogist gives evidence that Elizabeth Warren may have been the daughter of Augustine Walker. An Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Augustine Walker, married a Richard Warren in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, on April 14, 1610. The will of Augustine Walker, dated April 19, 1613, refers not only to his daughter Elizabeth Warren but also her 3 daughters : Mary, Ann and Sarah. These three Warren daughters correspond to three of the Warren daughters who were passengers on the Anne in 1623.
A 1620 Mayflower passenger, Richard Warren is unusual because, although Bradford in his "decreasing and increasings" gives him the honorific title "Mr.", he does not mention him at all in the test of his history, and very little is known about him except for a few brief mentions elsewhere. In "Mourt's Relation" p. 15, Winslow lists ten men on an early expedition at Cape Cod, them of whom, including Richard Warren, were from London. Judging from land transactions of his widow, Elizabeth, who came over in 1623 on the ship Anne with daughters Abigail, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah, the family appears to have been one of the wealthier ones at Plymouth. Richard and Elizabeth Warren had two sons born at Plymouth, Nathaniel, who married Sarah Walker, and Joseph, who married Priscilla Faunce.

Richard Warren, prob. b. England. d Plymouth 1628. He m. prob. England prior to 1610 Elizabeth ________, b. ca 1580; d. Plymouth 2 Oct. 1673 aged above 90 years. The wife and 5 daughters came on the "Anne" in 1623. The 22 May 1627 division of cattle names Richard Warren, wife Elizabeth Warren, Nathaniel Warren, Joseph Warren, Mary Warren, Anna Warren, Sara Warren, Elizabeth Warren and Abigail Warren. In a codicil to his will dated 16 July 1667 Nathaniel Warren mentions his mother Elizabeth Warren, his brother, Joseph Warren, and his sisters Mary Bartlett, Anna Little, Sarah Cooke, Elizabeth Church and Abigail Snow. On 4 March 1673/4 Mary Bartlett, the wife of Robert Bartlett ack. she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren, deceased; and John Cooke in behalf of all her sisters testified to the same. The court settled the remainder of the estate on Joseph Warren.
Richard Warren (Mayflower, 1620) was born in England between 1580 and 1590. He was a merchant of Greenwich, Kent, died at Plymouth in 1628. "Grave Richard Warren, a man of integrity, justice and uprightness, of piety and serious religion, a useful citizen, bearing a deep share of the difficulties and troubles of the plantation." He joined the Pilgrims at Southampton. He married Mrs. Elizabeth (Jouatt) Marsh. (NOTE - THIS IS INCORRECT). Elizabeth was not a Mayflower passenger, but came to Plymouth in 1623 on the "Anne" with their five daughters, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth and Abigail. They also had two sons, Nathaniel and Joseph, born in Plymouth.
Richard Warren was born pre 1590, poss. London, Eng; his origins have not been found. He died in 1628. Richard married pre 1610, poss. London, Elizabeth (___). Despite what has previously appeared in print (e.g. Marsh, Jowett) her maiden name is unknown.
Richard, of London, came in the "Mayflower"; signed the Company; settled at Plymouth; "an useful instrument; bore a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of settlement." (Mor.) His wife and children came in the "Anne" in 1623. In the division of cattle in 1627 shares were given to him, to his wife Elizabeth, and to ch. Nathaniel, Joseph, Mary, Anna, Sarah, Elizabeth and Abigail. He d. before 1628.

Richard, b. by about 1578 based on estimated date of marriage; d . 1628, Plymouth, MA; m. by about 1609, Elizabeth (____). Emigrated from London in 1620 to Plymouth on the "Mayflower". In his accounting of the passengers of the Mayflower Bradford include d "Mr. Richard Warren, but his wife and children were left behind and came afterwards." As of 1651, Bradford reported that "Mr. Richard Warren lived some four or five years and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had two sons before he died, and one of them is married and hath two children. So his increase is four. But he had five daughters more came over with his wife, who are all married and living, and have many children." Many attempts, all fruitless, have been made to discover the English origin of Richard Warren and the identity of his wife. Richard Warren was in the party that explored the outer cape in early Dec 1620; he was described as being of London. In the 1623 Plymouth division of land Richard Warren received an uncertain number of acres (perhaps two) as a passenger on the Mayflower, and five acres as a passenger on the Anne (presumably for his wife and children). In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle Richard Warren, his wife Elizabeth Warren, Nathaniel Warren, Joseph Warren, Mary Warren, Anna Warren, Sarah Warren, Elizabeth Warren and Abigail Warren were the first nine persons in the ninth company.

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Walker b: Abt 1583 in England c: Sep 1583 in Great Amwell, Hertford, England

    * Married: 14 Apr 1610 in Great Amwell, Hertford, England 9
    * Change Date: 2 Jan 2008


   1. Mary Warren b: Abt 1610 in England
   2. Anna Warren b: Abt 1612 in England
   3. Sarah Warren b: Abt 1613 in England
   4. Elizabeth Warren b: Abt 1616 in England
   5. Abigail Warren b: Abt 1618 in England
   6. Nathaniel Warren b: Abt 1624 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
   7. Joseph Warren b: Abt 1626 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Mayflower Compact Signing

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Where to From Here? We've reached the Mayflower!

Well, we've made it to the Mayflower through this line. Now it is probably time to start back with another line that goes to the Mayflower also.

Joseph Washburn was born 7 July 1653 to John and Elizabeth (MITCHELL) Washburn.   John Washburn (5th), eldest son of  John Washburn (4th) (of John (3rd),  John (Jr.),  John) was born in Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England  in 1620, sailed to New England with his mother and brother in 1635, and settled first in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony. He married Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Experience and Jane (Cooke) Mitchell, of Duxbury, on 6 Dec. 1645 in Plymouth Colony. She was born in ca. 1628 in Plymouth Colony, a granddaughter of Francis Cooke, who came to New England in 1620 on the “Mayflower,” and Hester (Mahieu) Cooke, and possibly of Thomas A and Margaret (Williams) Mitchell, of Cambridge, England, and Amsterdam, Holland. Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke had both sailed to New England in 1623 on the “Anne.”

Jane Cooke (daughter of Francis), married Experience Mitchell.

Children of Experience and Jane Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell, married John Washburn.
Thomas Mitchell. (Virtually nothing has been proven about him.  Several speculate him to be the Thomas Mitchell of Block Island)
Mary Mitchell, married James Shaw. (Wood presumes her "quite safely" to be dau. of Experience and Jane)

Children presumed to be of Experience's second marriage to Mary ______ and thus NOT currently Mayflower descendants. Included here for those who have relied on earlier documents.
Edward Mitchell, married, 1st Mary Hayward; married 2d, Alice4 Bradford (John3, William2-1).
Hannah Mitchell, married Joseph Hayward.
Jacob Mitchell, married Susanna Pope.
John Mitchell, married, 1st, Mary Bonney; married, Mary Lathrop; married 3d, Mary Prior.
Sarah Mitchell, married John Hayward.

Jane COOKE was born abt 1604 (probably) in Probably Leyden,Holland. No absolute birth or death records have yet been found for Jane, and as can be seen there are some prior discrepancies on her birth date. The most recent and exhaustive Cooke study suggests a 1604 date, and the rationale for this date assumption. She died after 1631, prior to 1640 in Plymouth, MA.  Her latest suggested death date as Experience remarries in this year, though it is noted that she was certainly dead before Bradford prepared his accounting of Mayflower families Parents: Francis COOKE Mayflower and Hester LE MAHIEU. She was married to Experience  MITCHELL after 22 May 1627 in Plymouth Colony, MA. Notes:

Rosser, Mayflower Increasings: "m. aft. 22 May 1627, Plymouth, Experience Mitchell . . ."

This date reflects that she was still single in the May 22, 1627 Division of Land.

Rosser: There is much controversy over the children of the two marriages of Experience Mitchell: "MFIP (Mayflower Families In Progress) , Cook:3 states Elizabeth Mitchell was b. 1628 and Thomas Mitchell c 1631. These two have been accepted by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants as Jane Cooke's. Since Thomas was the only Mitchell child known to have received land from grandfather Francis Cook, doubt is cast on the remaining Mitchell children who were born later than Thomas."

Ralph Wood takes exception, however, in his MF5G:12 volume, 1996, and includes Mary "presumed, quite safely, as a daughter of Jane, based on Mary's approximate date of birth.". Mary is born about 1632, presuming Jane married about 20. There is then a near 10-year span before the rest of Experience's children are born, presumably, by his second wife, Mary,.

Another observation is that if Jane died very early in their marriage, Experience was left with near infant children--quite a hardship in any event, and especially so in those days. Many such men would hasten to find a new wife and mother for such small children, and female companionship for themselves, however, Experience doesn't remarry until 1640/1. Children were: Elizabeth MITCHELL, Thomas MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL.

Francis COOKE Mayflower emigrated in 1620 from Plymouth Colony, MA. He died on 7 Apr 1663 in Plymouth, MA. His will is made 7/10/1659. He makes his wife Hester and son John executors. It is witnessed by Howland and Alden. Inventory was taken 1663 by Eph. Tuckham and Wm Crowe. He was born prob after 1582 in Probably England.  As a Mayflower ancestor, Francis Cooke is documented rather thoroughly in numerous volumes; thus, we leave it to those studies for in-depth information. The recent volume "Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol 12, Francis Cooke, Ralph V. Wood, et all, Picton Press, 1996, is probably the most comprehensive abstract to date on this Mayflower Family. This line is principally interested in the Experience Mitchell, Jane Cooke descendancy through Elizabeth Mitchell and John Washburn.


—A 1620 Mayflower passenger, Francis Cooke married Hester Mayhieu at Leiden 30 June 1603, the records there describing him as a woolcomber, unmarried, from England (MD 8:48). Thus he was in Holland before the arrival of the Clyfton/Robinson Separatists. He was probably born no earlier than 1583, for he must have been under sixty in 1643 when he was on the ATBA for Plymouth, and yet not much after 1583 if he married in 1603. He appears frequently in Plymouth records on grand and trial juries, as a surveyor of the highways, on various ad hoc committees, and in a number of land transactions. (See Bowman's "Francis Cooke and His Descendants," MD 3:95.) He came to Plymouth with son John, and Francis's wife and their daughter Jane and son Jacob arrived on the Anne in 1623. Two more children, Hester and Mary, were born at Plymouth. Jane married Experience Mitchell; Hester married Richard Wright; and Mary married John Thompson. Francis's son Jacob married Damaris Hopkins, daughter of Stephen. Dawes-Gates, 2:239-57 gives a good account of both father Francis Cooke and son Jacob Cooke. Another good account of the Francis Cooke family can be found in Small Descendants, 2:601. Francis died 7 April 1663 (PCR 8:23). Son John Cooke has a separate entry below. See also Walter J. Harrison, "New Light on Francis Cooke and His Wife Hester Mayhieu and Their Son John," MD 27:145. Some confusion about the marriage of Francis Cooke's son Jacob's daughter Mary Cooke, is cleared up by Stratton, "Which John Rickard Married Mary Cooke?," MQ 49:122. BACKGROUND:

Suffice it to say, Francis Cooke, born, probably in England after 1582, arrived on the Mayflower and was among those signing the Mayflower Compact. His early life abroad is virtually unknown to us. He married Hester Mahieu, intention in Leyden, Holland, 30, June 1603. probably about the age of 19 or 20. He was was called a "woolcomber." He and his son John were the first to arrive, with Hester and the other children following later.

Francis Cooke died 7 April 1663, having labored in this new land for some 43 years and receiving various additional land grants. His will and inventory enumerates his belongings and his bequests. He and his wife Hester had eight children. By 1666, of these children, John, Jacob, Hester and Mary were living, as was the widow Hester. Hester died after 8 June 1666.

He was married to Hester LE MAHIEU on 30 Jun 1603 in prob Leyden, Holland.  Intentions were recorded in Leyden. Children were: Jane COOKE, John COOKE, Child COOKE, Elizabeth COOKE, Jacob COOKE, Hester COOKE, Mary COOKE.