Friday, September 2, 2011

My Memoir Part 2

I believe we only spent one winter in the log cabin on Warm Springs Creek.  We next moved down the Middle Fork of the Payette River and across Garden Valley to a house behind the general store on the main Banks to Lowman road, where there were several rentals located and renters came and went frequently.  I was still quite young, so I don't have a lot of memories of the first year we lived there.  One of the first was getting the measles and having to stay inside while the other kids played outside.  I remember sitting on the chest freezer, wrapped in a blanket, gazing out the window and watching my brothers playing.

The ownership or management (not sure which they were) changed a couple times while we lived in this rental.  One of them had a couple of kids that my brothers and I played with all the time.  I can remember being teased by my brothers about liking the son and my younger brother was caught kissing a daughter and was teased terribly.  We were not yet in school, so this was a lot of innocent childplay. 

 Not Garden Valley store, but similar to what I remember

We also hung out around the porch of this general store - a typical rural store of the 1950s with the post office in the store sectioned off from the grocery section, a 'pot belly' wood stove in the back where the local men gathered to hear local news, discuss politics and socialize,  wooden counters worn shiny with use, and pumps out front offering gas for $.27 a gallon. I, to this day, cannot eat licorice because patrons of the store would buy this inexpensive candy and treat we 'raggamuffins' loitering on that porch to the point that I would get sick.  My father also told the story of a couple that pulled up in a new model car and 'fawned' over me, marveling at what a darling little girl I was and even offering to pay him a million dollars for me.  He always said they looked like they could have had that much money.  Of course, he didn't sell his little 'princess.'

We played all around the area and another memory was getting into trouble for going out into a hayfield and rolling around in the hay, causing it to lay down which must have made it hard for the baling machine to cut and bale.  Anyway, Jim Mills, son of the store proprietor was not happy with us (those three innocent angels pictures on the left of and seated in the following picture).

That's me on the left a couple years before that time, older brother Adrian behind me,
and younger brother sitting on the ground. The other two are cousins.

The Cecil Logue family was continuing to grow:  the first child, a girl had been born in January 1934 and passed away in June of the same year; next, a son (Tommy) was born in May of 1935 and a daughter (Christina) in March of 1937; another son was born in May of 1941 and a gap of 5 years before another son (Adrian) born in 1946 (my father had not gone into the service during WWII, but did work in Mountain Home, Idaho and Walla Walla, Washington in sheet metal works).  We learned many years later that while my parents were separated for a time during this five years span, my father had met another woman and fathered yet another son out of wedlock.  This is when I entered the family in November of 1947 and another brother was born in June of 1949.  After this was when we moved to Garden Valley.

Pictures taken when we lived behind the Garden Valley Store. Above is a picture of 
me with older brother Cyril and below are brothers Adrian and Roger.

Visiting our grandparents in Cascade, Idaho around the time of their 50th wedding anniversary, 1954.

It is starting the Labor Day weekend and my husband and I are going out of town for the weekend.  So I'll continue with more when I return.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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