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I Regress Momentarily

I thought I probably should do a timeline of my family's short history prior to my memories.  I had worked on this with my sister a few years ago and I think it is pretty accurate (my sister, Christina, was ten years older than me - the second surviving child). 

Cecil Elbridge Logue (b. 11/27/07 in Crawford, Valley, ID) married Rachel Helen Crawford (b. 12/06/13 in Alpha, Valley, ID) on April 16, 1933 in Cascade, ID.

1) They rented a cabin in Cascade in 1933.

2) Cecil worked on a bridge in Round Valley the summer of 1933 – (the famous Rainbow Bridge on the North Fork of the Payette River pictured below)

3) Marian Doris was born January 20, 1934 in Cascade, Valley, ID.  She died June 27, 1934 of pneumonia and whooping cough,

4) The couple lived in an old house of Herrick’s on Clear Creek.

5) Cecil then worked for Boise Cascade in Horse Thief and bought a house in Cabarton, but the company wouldn’t move it so dad quit.

6) Back to Cascade where they rented a house in the northeast part of town.

7) They then lived in a house owned by a lumber company that dad worked for on Piersol Creek (probably Percy Rutledge's logging company).

8) Back to Cascade to a little red house by the school, where Thomas Elisha was born May 4, 1935.

9) Dad worked that summer in south Donnelly and lived in a collapsible house (I think this is those tent homes - wood sides up about three feet then sides and top of canvas).

10) Back to Cascade for the winter in a house on a hill by a shop.  They bought the house and moved it to under the water tower.  Christina Winnie was born there March 18, 1937.

11) Moved to an abandoned house in Werley (unsure where this was).

12) Went to Tonasket, Washington to visit Aunt Alice (Belle Crawford Marshall).

13) Back to Cascade in a collapsible house; it burned down, so the family moved to MacGregor, living in a tent and piling brush for Boise Cascade.

14) They then moved to Emmett and bought a trailer house.  Cyril Ellis was born in May of 1941.  (Cyril’s doctor  was CE Carver and when mother named him the nurse who was the doctor’s wife came in and asked if she wanted to give him the rest of the doctor’s name C.E. – Cyril Ellis.  Mother had found the name Cyril in a book and liked it and Ellis is the only name she could find to go with it, so he wasn’t really named after his doctor even if it might have looked that way.)

15) They lived on Trail Creek in the trailer house (on the Salmon River) for three years, wintering in Cascade.  (There are pictures of the trailer with Cyril, Dixie, Tommy, and Christina – some with a tricycle, some with a trailer.  Uncle Cash must have worked there one year as Dixie is his daughter and she was in a lot of the picture.)
16) Then in 1944 they moved to Emmett, in a house across from a storage building.  Dad helped grandpa Crawford build a house under the bench where the graveyard is.

17) The family lived in Boise while dad went to sheet metal school, (Christina had measles and then pneumonia and was in the hospital in Emmett.  A lot of her stuffed toys were lost while they lived there)  then off to Walla Walla, WA where they rented a cabin while dad worked on the air base.  (Christina fell of a sign board and tore a large triangle gash in her arm.  She remembers going to a carnival, but not with dad.)

18) Rented a cabin in Lewiston.  (mother left father.  Christina started school in first grade at a church school.  It was about six weeks after school had started but because of the war and so many people moving in to work on the air bases they weren’t letting six year olds start school.)

19) Rented a cabin in Payette.  (Cyril had measles, mumps, and whooping cough, all at the same time.  It enlarged his tonsils.  Pictures of Christina’s birthday with Tommy, Cyril, and a boy friend – Christina did have boy friends.  We lived in Emmett a while in a small house on the river street right next to the canal.  There was and still is a pipe across the canal there and a very small shallow spot where we played in the water a lot.   Tommy, Cyril, and Christina stayed alone a lot and went to sleep listening to western music on the radio.  A kid who was allergic to poison oak had Christina and Tommy rub leaves all over them, but they never broke out.  The boy who told them what leaves to pick really got a bad rash.  Mom went back to Dad because she couldn’t get any help from her family to help support us.  Her parents wouldn’t even take care of us so mother could work.  Dad fathered a son to a woman in Boise, must have happened while he was there going to school because from leaving Walla Walla to going to Mountain Home was all one school year.)

20) Rented a house in Mountain Home while dad worked on the air base.  (It was really just a tent in a place like an unkept trailer park with what ever kind of temporary housing they could put up.  It was across the road from a service station and motel just south of the underpass.  Dad had friends named Bennett.  Christina learned about people of color.  We had a red-headed friend who’s parents whipped him until his legs were a mass of sores.  Then would baby him and doctor them until they healed.  We put coins on the railroad tracks so the train would run over it and flatten it.  An older lady lived in a very small trailer house with a Boston bulldog.  She was very upset and cried a lot when FDR died.  Christina had a spell where she couldn’t see and had to sit on the curb until she could see before going on home after school.  Her eyes were checked and they weren’t bad (I know now it was sinus problems)  Mom was the one who needed her eyes checked.  Our cousins lived in the same park for a while and their son killed our gold fish with a fork.  Cyril disliked eggs and if Tommy told him that cake had eggs in it he wouldn’t eat the cake.  Cyril didn’t talk much.)

21) Back to Cascade where they rented a house across from the school.  Adrian Dexter was born there March 23, 1946.

22) Worked summers in High Valley and living in a tent and wintering in Cascade or Emmett.  I was born in November 1947 in Emmett.  Adrian’s finger was cut off accidentally by Cyril while he was chopping wood, summer of 1948.  Lived in an abandoned house in Emmett where our younger brother was born in June of 1949.
 Adrian in High Valley, before the fingers of his right hand were chopped off.

23) Then worked at Dry Buck in a tent and wintered in Emmett.

24) And finally they moved to Garden Valley in 1950 living in a log house on Warm Springs Creek (now Terrace Lakes) for the first summer, then to a rented house behind the Garden Valley Store where George Alexander was born in 1952 (born in Emmett Mary Secor Hospital) and died after three days, possibly from pneumonia.  Then in May of 1954 the next brother was born (next to last).

Dad bought a house from Uncle Walter Crawford up the Middle Fork of the Payette, near his saw mill at Smith Creek, in 1955 or 56.  My youngest brother was born in Emmett Mary Secor Hospital on in November of 1956.

Thomas had married Charlene Smith the year before and had a son in February of 1956.  They had their second son in March of 1957.

So here I am all caught up - about 22 years in just a few paragraphs and pictures.

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C. Huber said...

I'm not sure if the last comment I wrote actually got to you..the page got weird, so I thought I'd comment again. Your Cecil Elbridge Logue must be the brother of Audrey Mary Logue, who is my Great Grandmother. My grandma is Mary Jean Clark. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog! You have so much more information than I ever could've found using and other sites like that! I find it fascinating to see my family like this. Thank you so much for all of your research!
Christina Welburn Huber