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Here's another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from our friend Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings. The task was to list your 16 g g grandparents, giving birth, death and marriage.  Determine the countries (or states) that these ancestors lived in at their birth and at their death.  Next create a Heritage Pie from the countries (or states) of their birth.  Since all of mine were born in the US, mine is of states.

Adam Leverson Logue (b 24 Apr 1818 in Grove City, Cameron, PA,  d. 19 Nov 1893 in Wharton, Potter, PA).  He married Sarah Ann Mahon (b. 1817 in Wharton, Potter, PA, d. 18 Feb 1874 in Wharton, Potter, PA)  1840, Wharton, Potter, PA

John S Sweet (b 1817 in Erwin, Steuben County, NY,  d After 1880 in Williamsport Ward 4, Lycoming, PA).  He married Mary 'Polly' Wheeler (b abt 1818 in New York , d Jul 1880 in Susquehanna CO., PA) in 1836 in Steuben, NY.

Lotan Dexter (b 30 Jan 1801 in Albion, Kennebec, ME, d 9 May 1873 in Toulon, Stark, IL).  He married Ruby Fish (b 2 Nov 1801 in Dover, Piscataquis, ME , d 23 Mar 1896 in Toulon, Stark, IL) abt 1826 in Maine.

Jeremiah Bennett (b 26 Mar 1794 in Cayuga,NY , d 11 April 1870 in Saxon,Stark,IL) .  He married Sarah Winne (b 11 Nov 1801 in Albany, Cayuga, NY, d 3 Feb 1886 in Saxon, Stark, IL) in 1820 in Cayuga NY.

John C. Crawford (b 23 Sept 1772 in Fauquier, VA, d 11 Aug 1845 in Laurel, KY).  He married Matilda Benson (b 13 Aug 1789 in Fauquier, VA. d 28 Jul 1858 in Laurel, KY) abt 1806 in VA.

 Matilda Benson Crawford

Joseph Cephas Weaver (b 24 Nov 1808 in Cookeville, Putnam, TN. d 5 Jun 1889 in Cane Creek, Laurel, KY).  He married Frances Powell Bledsoe (b 13 Aug 1803 in KY, d 17 Nov 1847 in Laurel, KY)  abt 1828 in Laurel, KY.

James H Tuttle (b 1808 in Clay, KY , d 29 Mar 1861 in Laurel, KY)  He married Elizabeth Yeager (b 1809 in Laurel, KY, d 1880 in Laurel, KY) Jan 1830 in Clay, KY.

John D Scott (b 3 May 1810 in Surry, NC, d aft 1880 in Laurel, KY).  He married Arrena K Camplin (b 1817 in Knox Co, KY, d after 1860 in Laurel, KY) 1 Aug 1833 in Laurel, KY. 

Many of the responses to this task were sketchy and some had a lot of blanks, so I should feel lucky that at least I have names and locations for all of my great-great grandparents.  I am needing to find some marriage dates and locations.  (Most of mine were estimations based on the births of their oldest children.)  I was surprised to find so many of them being born in New York - I'd have thought Pennsylvania or Maine.

Oops, I just noticed that I should have had 4 for Kentucky (blue) instead of three, so New York doesn't have the most.  (I guess the total should add up to 16 if you are listing your 16 g g grandparents, right?)

Why don't you try this and see how many of these ancestors you can find.  [Hint - you might use an Ancestral Name List from your software for this. However, if you use Family Tree Maker, it may not be available - I couldn't find it on mine; had to cut and paste to a Word doc.]  The graph was created using the  chart generator from Kid Zone per Randy's suggestion.

Good luck and happy genealogy hunting.

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