Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where am I with my Genealogy searches?

I've been following a genealogical blog called Genea-Musings by Randy Seaver.  He has been talking about a fairly new family tree site called WikiTree.  He explained how he uploaded a GEDCOM from his family tree software (RootsMagic 4) and has gone through the steps involved in getting the family information posted, then edited. 

So I decided to upload a personal GEDCOM (my direct ancestors back 10 generations with no auxiliary family - siblings and their families) as my full database has over 5000 entries.  The file I created only had about 1500.   And for the last few days, I've been examining the data that was transferred to the online tree and making the necessary edits. 

You are given the opportunity to link your personal blog to the WikiTree site, thus you see a new link in the right hand panel of this blog.

Here is what the Navigation page looks like:

Navigation Home Page for Living Logue

This page is a personal starting point for growing and navigating your WikiTree. It's only for you; your profile is what others see.

Grow your history

WikiTree is for collecting and organizing your personal history and family tree, coordinating with family members, and preserving what's important for future generations.
  • Your Watchlist is a personal index of profiles you created or that others want to share with you.
What would you like to do next?
  • Add to your profile or your family tree . (Have you ever used other family tree sites or software? You can probably export a "gedcom" file and import it here.)
  • Add your sibling, your spouse, or your child , or add a parent, sibling, spouse, or child to someone else in your Watchlist.
  • Invite a friend or add an unrelated person.
  • Create a page for a place, event, pet, or anything else such as a family heirloom, vacation, school, etc. ... whatever is meaningful to you.
  • Add a personal memory to someone's profile. Here are memory-inspiring questions.
  • Search for matches to see if your tree overlaps with others.
  • Maintain your own to-do list here:

This is, at this time, a free website so if you are looking for a place to share your data and/or do some searching, you should give it a look.  WikiTree
 WikiTree Home Page

My surprise at the number of you who have happened upon my blog is growing.  I was pleased when it was 75-100 hits, but this has grown to over 3,500.  This tells me that finally my blog is being picked up by search engines.  When I start getting more comments, I'll really feel I have 'arrived.'

The page that appears to get the most 'hits' is the one about my "Famous Ancestors."  This is probably because of the addition of so many popular names like Thomas Jefferson and Paul Revere.  Another page that gets a lot of 'hits' is the list of my father's ancestors.  He is descended from many Mayflower lines, which may be the cause of this particular site 'popularity.' 

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