Sunday, March 27, 2011

Isn't It Fun Finding New Relatives

Recently I've been in contact with relatives both close and distant.  I found my maternal grandmother's obituary and when she died in 1954 all her 13 children will still alive and she had 65 grandchildren and 70 great grandchildren. That was 57 years ago and those numbers had to have grown exponentially.  With a family that large, you can imagine that I would have lots of relatives and many that I have not kept in contact with or even met.

I've also come across some photos of my family that I had not seen before - my mother's sisters as young women and my parents as young people.  Here they are:

Alice Crawford Marshall

Emma Crawford Lafranier Haines

Mary Crawford Coulter Kelly

Nancy Crawford Gifford

My father,Cecil E Logue

My father, mother and oldest siblings on the Rainbow Bridge that my father worked on in 1933.  (Picture taken in 1937)
What wonderful discoveries.  And hopefully a connection with a first cousin I've not seen since childhood.  I've also been contacted by persons who have made discoveries of possible relationships from reading my blogs. 

I realized as I was reviewing my blog, that when I blogged about my mother, Rachel Crawford Logue's family, I talked about making a break-through on my brick wall - John W Crawford, by connecting with a cousin in Kentucky that had the Crawford family Bible.  But I never included the electronic copies of those Bible pages.  Here they are: 

Crawford Family Bible births


More Births

So cool to make that discovery and that lasted long enough for me to fill in my database with the information and fill in a few gaps.  But now I am back at a brick wall - George Crawford and wife Rachel Stringfellow(?).  There are just so many Crawfords and many George Crawfords in Virginia at that same time period with each naming their children with similar names.  (Just like my John Yeager conundrum.)

A sad time recently also - the 18th of March would have been my sister, Christina Logue Williamson's 74th birthday and March 23rd would have been my older brother, Adrian Dexter Logue's 65th birthday. May God bless them.

Adrian Dexter Logue 1946-99

Christina 1937-2010   Tommy 1935-2004
Aren't they cute little kids?  Too bad they left this earth so soon - Adrian was 55, Christina 73, and Tommy 69 - relatively young ages for this time and for our families (mom and her twelve brothers and sisters ages ranged from 57 to 97 and dad and his six brothers and sisters' ages ranged from 67 to 83).

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