Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Post of the Year

Christmas was wonderful this year with our three youngest grandchildren spending the night and opening their presents Christmas morning, just like they did when they were very small.  Of course the presents at this age are not what they used to be -- 3DX, DXi XL, laptop, video games -- and no early morning waking to get to their gifts.

This was our Christmas gift - having the young ones spend time with us.  We cooked dinner, enjoyed the meal, and spent the rest of the day playing video games.  They even had fun dancing to Just Dance 3.

Hope all of you had as great a holiday.  New Years celebration is fast approaching and I wanted to get off one more post before the final minute.  I wish to print these posts as a book for my family and this is my cut-off point. 

So what should I sum up the year with - I thought about posting information for kids on their father's family, the Earle's.  But I think I will leave that for the new year.  Another possibility was my husband's family.  His mother passed away last year and I've yet to do any posts on her family, the Wingate's, who were early settlers in the Treasure Valley.  But another that I will leave for the new year.  So I think I will stay with the immediate family.

There was one birth this year (nephew Jake finally got his son after two darling little girls), no deaths in the immediate family, two weddings (my brother Adrian's grandson, Michael in May and my sister's daughter, Christi in July), a family reunion (the Crawford family descendents meeting in Emmett in June), lots of birthdays and I hope I remembered all the events.  Our family is so thankful to live in Idaho where hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, slides, and other natural disasters seem to avoid us - the occasional earthquake, forest fire, avalanche and winter storm, but not extremely severe.

New Years is a time to reflect on these things, so hope you take a few moments to think about what has happened with you this year and find what makes you thankful. 

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