Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crawford Family Reunion?

My mother was the youngest of 13 children - the Elisha and Christina Crawford clan - and I've recently been contacted by some cousins who are interested in putting together a family reunion of descendants of these 13 siblings.  I am not aware of any reunion of that proportion since the siblings were all together in Julia Davis Park in 1960 - and my mother was almost 50 years old then.

None of the 13 are still living (the last, Mary Crawford Coulter Kelly, passed away in 2004 at 97 years of age), and many of the children of these 13 are gone already, too  - we are talking about 51 years, after all.  But the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren and even great-great-great-grandchildren are scattered all over the country (and the world?).

So you can imagine that we have quite a task ahead of us, getting these people found, sorted out, contacted and plans made.  Our intent is to have a get-together this summer with at least one descendant from each of the 13 to start this planning. We have already started sharing our databases, which I guess is the very first step.  I now plan on making calls and emails to family members where I have missing siblings, spouses, or  children - so much work to do.  But all of this is on the maternal side of my family tree and only one generation back then 4 to ?  forward.  I guess my time and concentration on the paternal side and all branches 2 generations out may be minimal for a while.

And, if you are one of the people we seek, be sure to contact us (you can make a comment to this blog and leave your email - I will not make it visible unless you request it) with your interest in helping out on this journey.

Again, here are the 13 Crawford siblings, with dates:

Nancy Jane Crawford Gifford - 11 Jan 1889 to 28 Nov 1980 -  91yrs
Will (William/Willis) Jacob Crawford - 15 Jul 1890 to 19 Jul 1966 -  76yrs
Joseph (Joe) Crawford - 29 Jan 1892 to 29 Oct 1967 - 75yrs
Della Crawford Lappin - 1 Aug 1894 to 15 Nov 1975 - 81yrs
Hattie Frances Crawford Dealy - 31 Aug 1898 to 16 Nov 1986 - 88yrs
Emma Evelyn Crawford LaFranier Haines - 16 Mar 1900 to 15 Mar 1972 - 71yrs
Alice Belle Crawford Marshall - 16 May 1902 to 7 Jan 1989 - 86yrs
Walter Lee Crawford - 29 Jan 1904 to 17 Feb 1973 - 69yrs
Mary Marie Crawford Coulter Kelley - 11 Feb 1906 to 13 Jan 2004 - 97yrs
Ernest 'Buster' Crawford - 24 Nov 1907 to 9 Apr 1964 - 56yrs
Dorothy 'Dora' Verna Crawford Olan Wills - 4 Oct 1909 to 14 Jan 1980 - 91yrs
Cash Norman Crawford - 6 Sep 1911 to 27 Mar 1969 - 57yrs
Rachel Helen Crawford Logue - 6 Dec 1913 to 15 Sep 1993 - 79yrs

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Vicky said...

On other's family trees I found George Logue born Ireland died Carlisle, Pa. He was a Presbyterian Minister. One of his sons Hugh Logue, 1748-1756 died in Meadville, Crawford County, Pa. Hugh Logue settled in Crawford County in 1796 Lot 88 north of Gill's tract. He married Agnes McCollegh or McCollough. Their daughter Mary Agnes Logue married James Hamilton. I read on a family tree Hugh and Agnes got married about 1772 in Northumberland, Pa. I am searching for more information on Agnes. Vicky