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MARIAH WEAVER, My Maternal Great-Grandmother

Mariah Weaver
Reba McMillan added this to her Family Tree Maker software program (5089 individuals) on 15 Nov 2008

Dear Reba,

Your great-grandmother, Mariah Weaver and my great-grandfather, Gibson Weaver, were sister and brother. She was the eldest child of Joseph Cephas and Frances Powell Bledsoe Weaver and Gibson was the second child. They had the following brothers and sisters: Joseph Cephas, Jr, Mary Ann, Margaret, Elizabeth, David, Sarah, William, Frances, James Westerfield and Barbara. This information and the following are from "Our Weaver Family" by Myrtle Weaver Felts, published in the early 1960's.

Mariah Weaver, born April 11, 1829 in Laurel County, Ky. married John Crawford, who came to Ky., as a very young man. By trade he was a cooper and a timber and wood-worker. At the time of his marriage he was working as a cooper for Goose Creek Salt Works of Clay County.

Mariah's father gave them a farm on Caney Branch of Cane Creek "and they built a house on this land and prepared to make a living by farming."

However John found it necessary to do other work too. He was an expert with a broad-axe, so he began making "puncheons". "These were broad boards hewed smooth and used to make floors." He had a camp on the [creek] branch where the crew cut many trees and made them into "Puncheon boards". The branch today is known as "Puncheon Branch".

John and Mariah had nine children, six boys and three girls. John died when the youngest son was about twelve years old.

I can't remember who I got this email from...  I remember asking my mother and her sister, my Aunt Mary Crawford Coulter, about their grandfather, John Crawford.  They did not have definitive information about him and I've never been able to find a lot about him.  They both thought he left their grandmother and moved to Missouri or Indiana where he had another family. 

Here is another email on John Woodson Crawford:
Providence Cemetery, Laurel Co KY
Hello Reba,
Good luck on finding John.  He too is in my family tree and he's been a mystery to me for awhile now.  But nevertheless, I checked the cemetary book that I have and only found Mariah.  She in the Providence Cemetery and her headstone reads:

Marah B. Crawford  b. 4-15-1829  d.  3-4-1899
Joined the church 11-18-1860

I'm going to Kentucky this summer and one of the "things to do" is to check out gravesites next to her.  Maybe he has a fieldstone or something and maybe I can do a "rubbing".  If anything just to check things out.
Jeff & Stephanie Harrington

Well, it is Christmas evening and pumpkin pie is calling from the kitchen, so I will wrap this up for today and attempt to add more next time.  Happy New Year to you all and may God bless....

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