Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh My Dear - My Tree is a Mess

I mentioned that my research is a work in progress - boy was I right.  As I was reviewing the last two posts, I discovered that my Dutch ancestors in the 1600 and 1700s were questionable if not totally incorrect.  I will need to start at my last proven (sourced by myself, not others) generation and work back, searching records to be sure births, marriages, children and deaths are correct or as good an estimate (and notate as an estimate) as possible.  At this rate, I'll be spending all my retirement poring over documents and surfing the net, instead of traveling the world. is a website that I've checked before to located baptism and marriage records of my New York Dutch ancestors.  But I must have gotten lazy and just downloaded someone else's research instead of doing the 'foot work' myself when I got back 7 and 8 generations.  Now I will spend time rectifying this lack of good genealogical skill instead of writing my book. I guess I want the data in my book to be correct, though, don't I?

If anyone would like to help with this, you are quite welcome....  just kidding.

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