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What Do You Think? Could There Be More??? WM BREWSTER

So far I've shown connections to Francis Cooke, James Chilton and Richard Warren.  Could there possibly be more?  I believe that there is - - -  Let's see if we can connect to William Brewster.

For this we have to go back to....

Nathaniel Dexter, born 17 May 1771 (see Monday, May 17, 2010 posting) was the son of Constant and Keziah Wing Dexter. Keziah was born 1 Jan 1747 to Nathaniel and Mercy Handy Wing.  The Wings have been heavily researched and even have an organization - The Wing Family of America (website) - with a publication (the OWL)

Was incorporated as a non-profit association in 1902 having as its purpose: - the collection and publication of family history - cementing of family ties and cultivation of fraternal relations among members - holding family reunions and gatherings - and creation of a Family Memorial Hall for historic and literary archives.

Mercy was born 15 Apr 1729 to Zaccheus and Mercy Freeman Handy.  In a will dated May 25, 1783 - Zaccheus is referred to as a resident of Sandwich, Mass. Sandwich is located in Barnstable County, Cape Cod area [where most of these people were born and raised].
"A deed dated Aug. 27, 1747 shows he (Zaccheus), a Sandwich carpenter, bought from John Freeman of Rochester, a yeoman, several tracts of land there for 700 pounds. The property included Freeman's dwelling house and homestead, where he now lives. Also a gristmill with dam and stream called Seppican Mill River. Also a parcel of land known as William Noyes Homestead, about 85 acres and 30 acres of meadow ground. It was his first wifes fathers property, conveyed by deed Jan. 29, 1747-1748. He sold part of this land to Charles Waste of Rochester May 18, 1750. Will dated 5-24, 1783."

RICHARD HANDY OF SANDWICH, MASS. (ca. 1645-1719) by Lydia B. (Phinney) Brownson of Plymouth, Mass., and Maclean W. McLean, of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1971, NEHGR Vol 125 pg 246-247:
     Zaccheus Handy, born 16 Jan. 1706, died in Rochester, shortly before 2 Oct. 1787.
He married first, 16 Jan 1728/9, Mercy Freeman (Rochester VR's) daughter of John Freeman by his wife Mercy Watson...Her line is traced back to Elder William Brewster, of the Mayflower. Zaccheus Handy married, secondly, 5 Sept. 1745, Susannah Freeman, daughter of Prince Freeman by his wife Mary Doane, born May 173. Her descendants have a proven line back to Elder William Brewster. The two wives were second cousins. Zaccheus is listed as a Sandwich householder in the Rev. Benj. Fessenden's list of March 1729/30. Although both marriages are recorded at Rochester and not in Sandwich, Zacceus continued to live in his native town until late in 1747. A deed, dated 27 Aug. 1747, shows that Zacheus Handy "of Sandwich, carpenter" fought from "John Freeman of Rochester, yeoman", several tracts of land there for 700p. The property included Freeman's "dwelling house and homestead where I now live with the barn and orchard fencing". Also a grist mill, with a dam and stream called Seppican Mill River, with two thirds of the running gears, also that parcel of land knows as William Noye's homestead, about 85 acres and 30 acres of meadow ground (acknowledged 28 Aug., recorded 2 9 Aug., 1747 PLCD, 39:84).

More About Zaccheus Handy:
Issue: 7 children (by Mercy) 9 ch. (by Susannah)
Misc: September 5, 1745, m. (2) Susannah Freeman, 2nd cousin to 1st w.
Misc.: died shortly before 2 Oct. 1787
Occupation: yeoman, carpenter
Residence: 1747, rem. to Rochester, Massachusetts
Source 1: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:131, 246-247
Will: May 4, 1783, dated, 10-2-1787-proved

More About Mercy Freeman:
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246
Child of Zaccheus Handy and Mercy Freeman is:

    i.   Mercy Handy, born April 15, 1729 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; died 1754 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; married Nathanael Wing June 20, 1746 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

  OLD FORT HOUSE, in Sandwich, Massachusetts, the ancestral home of Stephen Wing. This home is one of the oldest houses in New England and the oldest which continuously has remained in the possession of members of the same family through successive generations. The house has been restored and is currently used as a
historical Memorial Museum. The Fort House was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1976 and is open from Mid-June to mid-September for visitors. 

The Freemans are covered in "New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter"  (pg 853-55) which is one of Google books.

Mercy Freeman was born 24 Apr 1707 to John (3) and Mercy Watson Freeman(from  1326. John Freeman, born July 1678 in Eastham or Harwich, Massachusetts; died December 13, 1767 in prob Rochester, Massachusetts. He was the son of 2652. John Freeman and 2653. Sarah Merrick. He married 1327. Mercy Watson January 11, 1702/03.

      1327. Mercy Watson, born October 1683 in Plymouth, Massachusetts?; died November 25, 1768 in Rochester, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 2654. Capt. Elkanah Watson and 2655. Mercy Hedge.

Notes for John Freeman:
From The Freemans-The Eastham Branch of the Sandwich Family---Major John Freeman, 1866, NEHGR Vol. 20, pg 60:
19. John Freeman, son of John, of Harwich, m. Mercy------, about 1701. By his wife Mercy had: (56) Elkanah, b. Oct . 28, 1702, died July 14, 1714. (57) Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1704. (58) Mercy, b . April 24, 1707. (59) John, b. Aug. 3, 1709. (60) Phebe, b. Nov. 28, 1711. (61) Thankful, b. Oct. 6, 1714. (62) Elkanah, b. Feb. 6, 1717; (63) Mary, b. Oct. 13, 1719. (64) Eli, b. April 27, 1722. (65) Elisha, b. May 24, 1724.

More About John Freeman:
Issue: 10 children
Residence: 1729, rem. to Rochester, Massachusetts
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1852, 1st Fam. Eastham, NEHGR 6:45
Source 3: Brewster MFIP, 2nd Ed, 1996, pg87
Source 4: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246

More About Mercy Watson:
Source 1: 1866, Freemans, NEHGR 20:60
Source 2: 1971, Richard Handy, NEHGR 125:246
Child of John Freeman and Mercy Watson is:

  663 i.   Mercy Freeman, born April 24, 1707 in Eastham or Harwich, Massachusetts; died February 24, 1744/45 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; married Zaccheus Handy January 16, 1728/29 in Rochester, Massachusetts.

John was born July 1678 to John (2) and Sarah Merrick Freeman.  John was born 2 Dec 1651 to John and Mercy Prence Freeman.  Mercy was born 1 Apr 1631 to Thomas and Patience Brewster Prence.  Patience was born in 1600 to William and Mary (Wentworth?) Brewster.  (See link)

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