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Chloe Washburn - Patriot's Daughter

Chloe Washburn was born 28 June 1777 in China, Kennebec, Maine. She was the daughter of Japheth and Priscilla (Coombs) Washburn of the line Ephraim, Joseph, John, John of Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was also a descendant of Francis Cook, James Chilton and Mary (Chilton) Winslow, passengers on the MAYFLOWER in 1620 (Ebenezer Washburn, His Ancestors and Descendants by George T. Washburn, p. 51, 53-55, 105-06). Japheth Washburn, who "was in Capt. Edward Hammond's Company of 'Minute Men' April 19, 1775." (Hurd's History of Plymouth Co., p. 331.)

<<  (China, Kennebec, Maine on map at right)

Volume 98
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume98, Miss Elizabeth Wright. DAR ID Number: 97344 - Born in Fairmont [Fillmore Co], Nebr. Descendant of Willaim McCrillis, and of Japheth Washburn, as follows:
1. Thomas Maxfield Wright (b. 1856) m. 1885 Lida Putt (b. 1859).
2. Thomas Jefferson Wright (1825-88) m. 1st 1853 Susan Demerit Maxfield(1828-56).
3. Oren Maxfield (1804-88) m. 1826 Chloe Washburn Dexter (1808-72).
4. Eliphet Maxfield (1772-1840) m. 1792 Jane McCrillis (1774-1859); Nathaniel Dexter(b. 1771) m. 1798 Chloe Washburn (b. 1777).

5. Japheth Washburn m. 1768 Priscilla COOMBS (1745-1830); William McCrillis m. 1773Lydia Morrell.. William McCrillis (1750-75) served in Stark's regiment at the battle of Bunker Hill, where he was mortally wounded. He was born in New Hampshire. Also No.56208.  Japheth Washburn (1756-1828), in 1775, was a private in Capt. Edward Hammond's company of minute men, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Carver, Mass. died in China, Me. Also No. 90350.

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